Monday , May 12 , 2003              

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Wednesday, May 28

Alright, here's the deal: Last week, my computer's motherboard died. While this normally wouldn't be a concern, at present time, I don't have enough cash to buy a new one. So, for a short while, the comic will be down until I can figure out how to get to a computer which has Photoshop. Also, in a couple of days (June 2nd), this comic will be a year old. I'll try to have something up for that. Maybe I'll try my watercoloring skills out.

Oh, and I'm now in the business of commission work. If anyone wants something drawn for them, just email me at

Friday, May 16

Comic on Saturday. Sorry, but I've been busy playing Enter The Matrix and trying to get a job.

Monday, May 12

Finally, after almost a month-long absence, I'm back. The new comic will be up this afternoon. Also, I'm planning on revamping the site somewhat. So stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 16

Too much work, not enough time. I've been looking for a job, applying for UF, and doing work for college. And since classes end in two or so weeks, there's been a lot of the latter. So I hope you all won't mind this comic being late and all. I promise though, that everything will be on schedule when classes are over. Hell, I might even go back to the old 3-times-a-week format! Later days, and hopefully a comic will be up on Friday.

Oh, and Jen, sorry about your birthday present, but you will get one. I promise.

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